Massage Sensitive is a relaxing, enveloping and harmonising oil massage that helps you focusing on here and now, and recover a feeling of unity and profound well-being. It helps better welcoming yourself, knowing yourself and reconnecting with your inner being.

It is a gentle, deep, unifying, nuanced massage in accordance with the state of person receiving the massage. 

For whom?

These massages are convenient for any person looking for relaxation and release… As well as to people affected by stress or by  traumatic events of modern life, whether on a personal level or relationship-wise.

How does it work?

It is an uncovered full body massage, which can be received naked or wearing underwear. It allows the lower back, the pelvis and the sciatic nerve to be easily reached… And to receive harmonious and ample movements.

The session consist of 4 phases: the set up, the oiling, the massage and the drying. It can be given in silence or with a musical background.

Organic vegetal oil will be used in a warm and caring atmostphere.  It can be given in silence or with a musical background.


The 4 hands massage

Let yourself be completely carried away by the 4 hands of two masseurs by means of a unifying choreography that gives you an extra chance to let go of thoughts and immerse yourself in letting go. You will be greeted by a mixed duo. My hands meet those of www.pascalelinard.com for a unique massage experience.

Lateral massage / during pregnancy

As the name suggests, this massage is performed in a lateral position, which is ideal for releasing tension in the back, neck, pelvis, legs and is suitable for people who have difficulty lying on their back or stomach.

In particular, it guides the woman through pregnancy by helping her to find the peace of mind to better experience all the physical and psychological changes associated with this period. This whole body massage unites the body scheme by developing awareness and acceptance of the changing body.