Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork is not just another type of massage.  Rather, it works as a dynamic “exemplary process” for body, mind and soul, enabling the clients to change themselves and to reshape old, non-contributing processes. The bodywork demands a great deal of sensitivity, paired with wisdom and experience of bodily movement.  

It’s a flowing and dynamic form of massage-like therapy, rhythmically performed to music.  It uses sensitivity and long, flowing strokes to provide a space to experience healing and well-being. 

With the aid of posture, leverage and motion, the practitioner is able to perform the bodywork according to the script of the client’s body and facilitate healing.  Allowing space to expand their being and regaining balance and awareness within themselves.  

Kahuna Bodywork also enables both practioner and client how to access pathways to physically, emotionally or spiritually unexplored areas within themselves.

The use of our Qi-energy, the integration of the whole body in flow and the respect to the Kahuna principles makes this Kahuna Bodywork unique.  Another difference to other procedures is this: we don’t have an intention to have to fix anything!

Ancient hawaiian principles?

Kahuna Bodywork has only the Old Principle as source. It is Hawaiian only because it was invented by one of the greatest Hawaiian Kahuna, Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, and uses concepts and movements from the Hawaiian martial art of Ka’ale’au.

A bodywork session

A Kahuna Bodywork session is there in the first place to relax and let you unwind.  Oil is applied and a dynamic, flowing, rhythmical motion to music is performed over the body. 

With a lot of sensitivity and long floating movements with hands and the soft part of the forearm, a space is created in which one can experience a general feeling of well-being and a stimulation of one’s own healing powers while we work without any intention to have to fix anything.

By remaining totally focused on the client throughout the session and practicing the massage in a deep space of compassion we can create opportunities for realignment and balance.


This work opens up a space to take care of oneself and activate one’s own resources. A session takes place on a comfortable table and in a relaxed atmosphere, always respecting the principles of the Kahuna Bodywork method.

Kahuna Bodywork also offers an opportunity for:

  • self-awareness
  • self- acceptance
  • self-love
  • balance
  • Increased flexibility
  • inner peace


The Bodywork session will take place in a space devoted to this practice in my home near the Parvis Sint Gilles in Brussels.